Zip Line Construction, Design, Training, Consultant

Zip lines are one of the fastest growing activities in the US and the world. Home zip lines and commercial zip tours are booming around the country. Maybe you have looked at your property and said ‘I can do that’ and, well, you can. Big zip line construction companies will charge hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Make sure you are getting every penny’s worth. Make sure your design works, your budget is accurate, your builders are qualified, and your staff are trained.

Zip line construction companies each have areas of expertise and specialization. Don’t hire the wrong company. Get a Pro on your team to help find the best vendors, trainers, and design companies.

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Site Assessment & Feasibility
It is important to know how optimal your site is for developing commercial zipline operations. Your site may be flat or have have considerable topography. Either way it may accommodate a great zip line tour…or it may not. We can do a preliminary survey using satellite imagery to identify potential zip corridors and access for construction. We will dissect your land at potential zip line runs and find the exact height of launch and landing platforms that will give an optimum and safe zipline experience. An accurate site assessment will give you most of the information to accurately determine the costs and feasibility of installing commercial zip lines. You are also provided with resources to pursue permits, licenses, insurance, and other costs related to your project and location.

RFP Preparation
Preparing a bid packet for potential builders can be a very tedious and meticulous project. You must make sure you are getting ‘apples to apples’ bids or well designed improvements. You must be sure you know enough to recognize quality suggestions and expensive up-sells from potential builders. Most builders have definite areas of expertise. It is best to ensure that you hire the most qualified expert to meet your needs. We have worked with just about every reputable design and build company out there and can help you recognize the the best match for your needs. We will help you write and define your bid package and get it into the hands of the people who you want on your team.