Design Services for Zip Lines and Canopy Zip Tours

Design and installation of a zip line course represent a very small portion of the total cost of developing and maintaining a successful adventure program. The costs for insurance, program management, client management, staff training and development, marketing, and daily operations are often underestimated while everything is put into meeting the initial costs of course construction. We can help you avoid this common trap by providing program consulting and business plan development up front.

Site Assessment & Feasibility

It is important to know how optimal your site is for developing commercial zip line operations.  Your site may be flat or have  considerable topography. Either way it may accommodate a great zip line tour…or it may not.  We can do a preliminary survey using satellite imagery to identify potential zip corridors and access for construction. We will dissect your land at potential zip line runs and find the exact height of launch and landing platforms that will give an optimum and safe zip line experience.  An accurate site assessment will give you most of the information to accurately determine the costs and feasibility of installing commercial zip lines. You are also provided with resources to pursue permits, licenses, insurance, and other costs related to your project and location.

RFP Preparation

Preparing a bid packet for potential builders can be a very tedious and meticulous project.  You must make sure you are getting ‘apples to apples’ bids or well designed improvements.  You must be sure you know enough to recognize quality suggestions and expensive up-sells from potential builders.  Most builders have definite areas of expertise.  It is best to ensure that you hire the highest quality expert to meet your needs.  We have worked with just about every reputable design and build company out there and can help you recognize the best match for your needs.  We will help you write and define your bid package and get it into the hands of the people who you want on your team.

Business Planning

Having an accurate and profitable business plan is key to a successful zip  line operation. From start up costs to annual maintenance to staffing, a zipline will have costs that need to be accurately forecasted. We will help you determine all the costs that are associated with the construction, implementation and operation of your canopy tour zipline.

Project Management

Even the best companies may have new builders or absentee management for periods of time. You can avoid costly delays and expensive mistakes by having us on site during the construction process. We can recognize the proper materials that should be used and make sure you are getting what you have paid for. Even seemingly minor items such as the type of screw and deck board spacing to cable selection and gear choices, will determine the experiences of your clients and therefor your success as a zipline operator.  Let us put our vast experience to work to ensure that you are getting the very best product and service possible.

Curriculum Design and Development

Adventure programming can be designed and facilitated to achieve a number of outcomes, from the purely recreational to the intensely educational. How you choose to use your course will help define the value of your program and differentiate you from your competition. We have considerable experience working with schools, community agencies, tour companies and corporations. We can help you design and develop a curriculum that delivers the quality of zipline and ropes challenge course programming you aspire to. We will help you to create custom operations manuals, facilitator guides, and informational materials for your prospective clientele.

Curricular materials may include:

  • Program delivery guides and literature for ziplines and ropes challenge courses
  • Facilitator guides for ropes challenge course and adventure education programs
  • Instructional and technical manuals for ropes challenge courses or canopy tours
  • highlighting the natural wonders of your site to ‘layer’ the zip line experience

Management Tools and Operations Materials:

Proper management of operations is imperative to safety and profitability. We can help you utilize the most cost effective tools available.  We are familiar with many on-line resources and date management systems that can take the guess work out of scheduling, booking and program delivery.

  • Booking and client management systems
  • Staff scheduling systems
  • Organizational communication tools
  • Course and equipment maintenance logs
  • Instructor and facilitator competency models
  • Instructor and facilitator skills review and assessment forms

Staff Training and Development

The quality of your staff and their ability to deliver safe, effective programming will be the deciding determinant in the success and safety of your program. Our training programs are designed to prepare staff to meet the technical, educational, and group management challenges of the modern adventure industry. Training is offered through intensive courses one to five days long and through refresher training, skill assessments. and mentorship programs.

Risk Management

Adventure programs are associated with a certain level of risk. We can minimize this risk by tying together staff training, proper procedures, quality equipment, and accurate information tracking. By working all these components together, we can create the safest program possible.  Procedures must include all the eventual possible complications: heart attacks, seizures, or inappropriate behavior. By anticipating all of the possibilities we can develop protocols that have safe and effective remedies for just about anything that will come up.